Do you know Fonsi?

Fonsi is a veteran of Fundación Santuario Vegan. He arrived in February 2014 because he was rescued from illegal exploitation shortly before he was killed.
Fonsi was very shy when he arrived, but he had a great friend who made him trust us. He was his first friend. His name was Sergio, Chechi for his friends, and we had rescued him as a newborn on the 23rd of December. That friendship was very nice but short-lived as Sergio died 6 months later.
Fonsi was depressed when he lost his friend and hardly wanted to eat. And he had the immense good fortune that we rescued Pepe, a goat of his age, and they became inseparable. Fonsi lives in the group of goats in the upper field, together with Haize, Manu and the donkeys. And he is immensely happy.

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