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One of the objectives of the Vegan Sanctuary Foundation is to raise awareness and to make known the reality of the lives of millions of animals.


European and Spanish animal welfare laws allow for the slaughter of animals by beating, asphyxiation or crushing them alive. And most regional and national animal protection laws exclude farm and wild animals.

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The total census of animals exploited in livestock farms in Spain in January 2019 was more than 531 million land animals without counting the animals raised in fish farms. Many of these individuals are subjected to unimaginable cruelty, much of which is LEGAL.

These practices are legal in Spain:

  • The animals are subjected to castration, amputation of tails or horns, or beak amputation in the case of birds, without any anaesthesia or analgesia.
  • These practices are carried out by the farm operators themselves, not by a veterinarian.
  • Male chicks in the egg industry are crushed alive as soon as they hatch.
  • Non-productive piglets are slaughtered by beating them to the ground.
  • Dairy calves separated from their mothers and isolated in cages as soon as they are born.
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Photos Aitor Garmendia

Most of the animals will be confined in such cramped quarters that they will not be able to spread their wings, turn around or lie down.